Premium Fine Art Books

Hand-bound and using the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks, we use the finest Folio Fine Art Books that have captured the attention all over the world.

Images are printed directly on to the page and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your wedding art can be displayed across two pages.

What are planning to do with photos?

I think it’s so important to print your images and i’m passionate about offering the best fine art albums.

To me, a photograph feels more real when it is a physical print I can hold in my hand. Holding something brings you closer to that captured moment.

A page turn is the next chapter of a story. I believe printing your images creates a physical memory of those special life moments. A tangible connection to those memories that need to be cherished today, and passed on in the future. This is why I have selected the very best supplier of printed products.

When you receive one of my fine art albums you’ll be wowed, so what is it that makes them so special?

Perfect Paper

One of the most striking differences between my fine art album supplier, and your standard online book printer, is in the paper.

They only use high quality fine art paper which has been specially created to last hundreds of years. Unfortunately high street prints aren’t made to last and may start to yellow

within 10 years or less. The fine art paper in my books is completely matt meaning reflected lights won’t glare off the page allowing you to enjoy the high quality print without

restriction. As soon as you touch the paper you’ll know it’s special.

Important Ink

There are two types of ink used to print photo books; dye ink and pigment ink. Dye inks work by staining the paper which over time will bleach. This results in the image fading or changing colour. If you have old photos you may have noticed this. Unless stated otherwise, high street printers will use the cheaper dye based ink.

Our album supplier uses pigmented inks which are literally, microscopic particles of pigment. The oil paintings you see hung in museums are created using pigment ink. This ink is more expensive but is archival and creates a beautiful result. Our album supplier also uses a 12 ink system which creates an almost perfect representation of your image. High street printers only use 4, so you may see dramatic changes in colour tone.

Inkjet is at the forefront of print innovation and achieves amazing quality. My supplier has become a benchmark for colour accuracy and print quality.

Bringing it all together

Producing high quality prints isn’t simply a matter of clicking a button.

Behind the scenes there’s a lot going on to ensure the quality is maintained from when I capture your image through to the ink being laid down onto paper.

The partnership with my album supplier means the quality is maintained throughout the entire process and is not simply left to chance.

The end result is stunning. All of your beautiful, printed memories are then encased in a handcrafted cover made from the finest materials with special personalisation options to truly make it bespoke to you. I recommend these showstopping albums to all my couples so you can enjoy your images in the best possible way.