Bronte & Andrea's Anglo-Italian Suffolk Wedding / by AxL Photography Ltd

This is a blog I was worried might never happen, after to failed upload attempts and broken hard drive I'm pleased to finally present some pics from Bronte & Andreas stunning spring wedding.

In case you hadn't guessed Bronte is our English Rose and her Groom Andrea our Italian stallion; OK sorry about that ;-).

With Bronte set to move out to Italy after the wedding there was an extra slice of emotion in the air.

The gorgeous couple were married in Ipswich, which the reception at the Tithe Barn Sproughton which is a lovely little hidden gem.

I met the couple the day before the wedding which is not normal practice as I like to get this in a few before, but as they had come back from Italy for the wedding we didn't have much time to meet. I had previously checked at the countryside around the tithe barn for couple shoots but It was at this point we decided to consider a local wooded park in Ipswich (know to Bronte's family as Peter Rabbit Woods but I think locally its Broomhill Park). This was a great call in the end as we got some fantastic couple and bridesmaid shots in the park and we also got some nice share on a bright sunny day. We also gave some entertainment to the local dog walkers!

Group photos and evening reception was at the Tithe Barn, with the bride changing for an amazing salsa themed first dance.

Such A lovely wedding and two lovely families Brough together by young love.