Hello & welcome.

I love capturing life, be it the everyday or unique moments, they all make us who we are. In the age of the snapshot I believe everyone deserves something special when it comes to capturing their story.

I have been into photography for about seven years now, pretty much since my first son was born, which I think is pretty typical. Everyone wants great pictures of their kids.

I'm drawn to very natural and candid shots which capture the true nature of the subject. For this reason I don't work in a studio or use much flash if I can help it. 

I am someone who connects easily with people, and I want them to feel comfortable getting their photos taken. After all, I believe that the best smile is a natural smile.

My technique and style has evolved over the years but my goal remains to capture not just what I see but what I feel, including the natural and honest emotions of brides and grooms who are deeply in love. I’m not into overly set-up or heavily posed shots but I will guide you along the way making sure your look your best and we work with the natural light.

Above all else I'm about enjoying being behind the camera and helping you enjoy being in front of it! I'm based in Colchester, Essex but I'd love to hear from you wherever you are if your looking for authentically beautiful photos.

- Andrew


Instagram - @axlphotoltd